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Who is Righteous Rebels

Meet the Team

On a mission to empower women of color, lifelong friends Vanessa Román & Nadine Denizard created Righteous Rebels. Since meeting in 1980 Vanessa and Nadine have learned to navigate their shared cultural values and traditions in a world trying to surpress and demonize those very sacred values.   Today, Vanessa and Nadine are reclaiming their Indigenous and African ancestral history.

This image is of founder of Righteous Rebels Vanessa Román .

About Vanessa

Vanessa Román is a champion for underrepresented communities, leveraging her media background and passion to tackle issues of inequality. A New York native with a BA from Fordham University in Media Studies, Vanessa's career trajectory was launched through the National Latino Leadership Opportunity Program where she trained and gained knowledge about matters affecting marginalized communities. From documentary filmmaking to organizing NYC’s Muevete Youth Conference & marketing the lifestyle magazine Urban Latino – she truly embodied the spirit of Palante Siempre Palante as its Coordinating Producer. Today, Vanessa's focus is on healing her community’s collective trauma from a holistic & spiritual perspective as an integrative health coach, Reiki Master & Master Herbalist nurturing all aspects of mind body and soul.

About Nadine

Nadine Denizard, is a  25 yr media sales executive from NY, who currently runs a financial consulting and public speaking firm in West Palm Beach. Nadine studied and received a B.A. in Communications in 1992.  Her college experience awakened her discovery and love of African Studies which led her to her minor degree.  Her quest to learn more took Nadine to the Ivory Coast in 1990, where she would embark on a lifelong journey to educate herself about her history and in turn educate her community . Born in Brooklyn and raised on Long Island, Nadine is the founder of the Haitian American Women's Foundation, Board Member of CLE, the Haitian Woman Sisterhood and Career Mentor for Path To College where she helps students reach their goals. Nadine is a public speaker and enjoys awakening youth to their greatest potential.  Nadine is CEO/Founder of The Nadine Nora Agency, LLC and provides financial literacy and access to middle american families. 


This image is of Righteous Rebels founder Nadine Denizard.
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