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This is a collage of different women who have impacted history.

Honoring the achievments of Women of Color in History

Reclaim. Decolonize. Empower.

This image is of Sacheen Littlefeather, Native American activist.

About Righteous Rebels

Righteous Rebels is a digital platform created to showcase women of color in history who have pushed the boundaries of existing systems to create radical, lasting change. Our mission is to reclaim “HERSTORY”  by dismantling false colonial narratives with empowering depictions that serve as powerful role models for black and brown girls around the world, while sparking connections between colonized nations through shared culture & heritage!

Who We are

Lifelong best friends Vanessa Román and Nadine Denizard created Righteous Rebels out of the frustration of not having role models who looked like them and came from families like theirs.   As first generation Puerto Rican and Haitian respectively, they had to learn how to navigate their multicultural identities within the confines of a system built to diminish those identities.  Their journey to self discovery took them to their homelands of Puerto Rico and Haiti, their motherland Africa and their First Nation Indigenous territories in the Americas from Brazil back to the United States.  This self discovery opened the doors to learning and understanding our true history and the role of women outside of western culture.   The overwhelming love and pride  which arose from this knowledge and experience is what Righteous Rebels hopes to share  through this project.  

This image is of Cacique Anacaona.
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